Capture the Sights and sounds of London with A Street Photographer.


"Street Photography" is the fastest growing genre in photography today. If you're planning a visit/holiday to London why not couple it with a Photographic Tour and Tuition experience?

Join me on walks about London to the well known tourists attractions or see the lesser known places, whilst gaining knowledge on improving your 'Street photography'?

All LONDON Photography Tours Tailored for you.

All tours created to your specific needs.

3-Hour Photo Tour: £50.00

5-Hour Photo Tour: £90.00

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Tours and Tuition are specifically designed for 'You' to meet your experience and needs in photography.

What you will / can learn:

  • The best London locations to photograph our iconic landmarks
  • Improve your Street, Urban and Architectural photo techniques
  • The best locations for photographing people and street portraiture
  • Photography basics (if needed, for beginners)
  • All the tricks for capturing close-up candid portraits
  • Camera settings and zone focusing techniques
  • Capturing gesture, expression, and emotion and telling stories with your images
  • And, of course, what you will learn will be tailored to your skill level, and what you want to see!

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